Engage Your Customers on WhatsApp Like Never Before WATick
Unlock the full potential of customer engagement with WATick your comprehensive WhatsApp Marketing Platform.

Why Choose WATick?

Increased Engagement

Connect directly with your customers in real-time on WhatsApp using WATick intuitive interface and seamless integration. Build lasting relationships that drive results.

Higher Conversion Rates

With WATick every chat is an opportunity. Transform casual chats into meaningful interactions that lead to increased conversions through targeted messaging and personalized campaigns.

24/7 Customer Support

Your customers deserve the best support, and WATick delivers with 24/7 automated responses that ensure you never miss a beat. Stay connected, stay responsive, and watch your business thrive.


Tech Empowerment

Features that would make your life easier with WhatsApp Marketing

Embedded Signup

Onboard customers with ease with our integrated Embedded Signup system.

Template Management

Handle templates directly within the application without requiring a visit to Meta for creating templates.

Multiple Phone Numbers

Supports multiple phone numbers for same WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp Chat

WATick chat feature replicates the native WhatsApp interface, guaranteeing users a seamless and familiar messaging experience.

Bot Replies/ Chat Bot

Automate responses and engage customers 24/7 with intelligent bot replies through

APIs to connect with other services

API’s enable seamless connection between different services, allowing data sharing and functionality integration.

Manage Contacts

Effortlessly import and export contacts using XLSX format for easy contacts transfer along with Add/Edit functionality on interface.

Realtime Updates

Realtime message and campaign status updates to see your campaign or message performance.


To provide with instant visibility into the performance and status of their marketing campaigns.

Team Members/Agents

Delegate work by creating users with various permissions.

Interactive/Button Messages for bot Reply

WATick Advanced interactive bots now provide smarter, more engaging replies, supporting images, documents, videos, audios and interactive buttons for enhanced user interaction.

Custom Fields

Personalize your messages with user base information and custom fields tailored to your audience on WATick.

Make Connecting Easy with WATick

Grow Your Brand, Delight Your Customers!

Campaign Management

Streamline Campaign Management: Create, Schedule, and Reach Instantly!

Effortlessly manage your campaigns with our intuitive campaign management feature. Create or schedule campaigns instantly for all contacts or specific groups, allowing for immediate reach or strategic timing. Maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and take control of your messaging with ease.

Integrated WhatsApp Chat

Enhance Customer Engagement and Support

The Integrated WhatsApp Chat feature in WATick provides a seamless and familiar messaging experience by faithfully replicating the native WhatsApp interface. Users can navigate effortlessly, leveraging their existing familiarity with WhatsApp's layout and functions. This consistency enhances user comfort and efficiency, facilitating smooth communication.

Bot Flow Builder

Simplify Bot Flow Conversion Building

Our Advance Bot Flow builder helps you to build bot conversions easily and effectively, Bot flow builder Simplifies setting triggering points from one bot to other using links for the buttons and list row options.

Reached to the Customers

Do you want to make your chat bot interactions more exciting and engaging?

Our Advance bot feature allows you to send images, videos, and documents as well as buttons through your chat bot. Instead of only using text, you can now impress your customers with visually pleasing images, informative videos, and useful documents. It's a great way to capture their attention and provide them with valuable content. Try now and take your chat bot interactions to the next level!

QR Code Generation

Scan QR Code to Start Chat

Quickly generate QR codes for your WhatsApp phone number with ease using this feature. Users can effortlessly connect by scanning the code with their smartphones, instantly initiating communication with your WhatsApp account. This streamlined process ensures smooth interactions and easy access for engaging with your audience.

AI Bots Integration for Vendors using FlowiseAI

Flowise AI offers AI-powered chatbots for vendors to automate customer interactions and enhance engagement.

Powered by WhatsApp Cloud API

WATick seamlessly integrates with the WhatsApp Cloud API, ensuring smooth operations without server management or additional expenses, making it a cost-effective solution.

Built for Customer Engagements

WATick is a helpful tool for businesses to communicate better with customers. It makes talking to customers easier and simpler, helping businesses grow and build strong relationships.

Simple and Clear Pricing


₹0.00 INR


₹0.00 INR

+ WhatsApp Cloud Messaging Charges
  • 2 Contacts
  • 10 Campaigns Per Month
  • 10 Bot Replies
  • 5 Bot Flows
  • 2 Contact Custom Fields
  • 0 Team Members/Agents
  • AI Chat Bot
  • API Access


₹500.00 INR


₹2,500.00 INR

+ WhatsApp Cloud Messaging Charges
  • 500 Contacts
  • 50 Campaigns Per Month
  • 100 Bot Replies
  • 5 Bot Flows
  • 500 Contact Custom Fields
  • 5 Team Members/Agents
  • AI Chat Bot
  • API Access


₹800.00 INR


₹4,500.00 INR

+ WhatsApp Cloud Messaging Charges
  • 2500 Contacts
  • 100 Campaigns Per Month
  • 200 Bot Replies
  • 5 Bot Flows
  • 1000 Contact Custom Fields
  • 10 Team Members/Agents
  • AI Chat Bot
  • API Access


₹2,500.00 INR


₹8,500.00 INR

+ WhatsApp Cloud Messaging Charges
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Campaigns Per Month
  • Unlimited Bot Replies
  • Unlimited Bot Flows
  • Unlimited Contact Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Team Members/Agents
  • AI Chat Bot
  • API Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here you'll find the answers most valued by our partners, along with access to step-by-step instructions and support.

Signing up for WATick is easy and straightforward. Just visit our sign-up page, fill in your details, and follow the instructions to get started.
Yes, WATick supports importing contacts through XLSX files. You can easily upload your existing customer database and start sending messages right away.
WATick offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone. Our dedicated team is here to help you with any issues or questions you might have.